New Templates: Spring Street, Lake Jeanette, Lawndale Drive, and Green Valley Drive
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Friday, April 07, 2017
By Zibster Blog
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Now that Spring has sprung what better way to celebrate than with some brilliant new templates straight from our design wizards.


Coming in hot are Spring Street, Lake Jeanette, Lawndale Drive, and Green Valley Drive. Each has a bunch of cool features we think you're really going to love. Each new template can predominantly display your social media icons and all can have active parallax scrolling.


Each new template is paired with a small business that we think is just the right fit in terms of the look and feel and how it could relate to online marketing.

The first thing that strikes you about Spring Street is the big bold banner, perfect for crafts and boutiques. This clean look is great for showing fine detail and high resolution images.


 The top centered logo and sticky top menu work together. You will notice a nifty little animation when you start scrolling. The logo shrinks a bit as the scrolling brings the menu up to meet the logo. Both will be visible on every page throughout the website.

Lake Jeanette was built with professional services in mind. A thick frame surrounds a full screen image and houses the navigation menu and social icons. The logo is ‘inside’ the frame where it’s best to use a transparent PNG.


This means that all the important elements are always visible no matter what the page configuration may be. Another subtle, but valuable feature is the full screen arrow. This lets the viewer know there is more information below.


If a specific color is an important aspect of your branding and identity then Lake Jeanette could be a good choice for you. The frame color can be anything you need and the background color is a tinted version of the frame color.

This template is designed for simplicity and strength; with Lawndale Drive what you see is what you get. It has the largest area for your logo of any of the new crop of templates. As a home repair or service small business you want your name right out there front and center.


There is still plenty of room for a large banner and several layout options for texts and features. Everything is contained within a relatively compact area making Lawndale Drive a great choice for mobile devices.

Green Valley Drive is perhaps the most fun of the new templates. Here we are showing a little something different by using a ‘gallery’ page for the Home page. For a specialty restaurant or café you can see how well this works to entice your customers.


A big part of Green Valley Drive that may not be readily apparent is the background color selection. The generous space provided for the logo (again, best use transparent PNG) and ‘hamburger’ menu is actually a ‘cut-out’ letting the background color show through.


As you scroll down the page you will notice the logo and menu maintains position. This makes Green Valley Drive super accessible to the way people use the internet today.

All of these templates are available and ready to use FREE in your site builder.

Wondering how your site would look with these designs? Here's how to try on and change a template!


Take a look around our newest templates:

Spring Street, Lake Jeanette, Lawndale Drive, and Green Valley Drive


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