Just In Time For Easter: Four New Templates
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
By Zibster Blog
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You won’t have to hunt very hard to find that Westover Terrace, Lindley Park, Battleground Avenue, and Walker Avenue have a lot to offer.


Each new template will show your logo prominently, display your social media icons well, and best of all feature dynamic parallax scrolling.

Always a popular design feature, Westover Terrace uses left side navigation to its fullest. Starting with the logo at the top and ending with the social media at the bottom of the column, the page has a beautiful, elegant feel.


As you can see, this is a good fit for the beauty industries. The featured image is perfectly balanced by the supporting images and all are large enough to show plenty of details. The wide borders to the images give the page an open, airy look.


As the page scrolls, the left side navigation stays in place. Westover Terrace looks great on tablets and has the versatility to work for your small business.

Lindley Park makes simplicity a virtue. This is a very compact design, built specifically to display well on mobile devices.


Here we are sampling a law firm to illustrate how straightforward good template design can be. A very recent survey demonstrated that over 80% of potential clients will check out a lawyer’s website, before ever contacting them.


Can you imagine how well this design will represent you? Lindley Park performs brilliantly by showing strength and reliability.

Battleground Avenue may well be the biggest find in this batch of Easter eggs. With it we have combined some of the best features of Spring Street and Green Valley Drive from last week’s releases. The ‘sticky’ navigation bar and centered logo may look familiar, as will the extensive use of background color.

North Carolina has become a mecca of craft beers and brew pubs in recent years. What better way to show off Battleground Avenue’s beautifully designed ‘menu’ page. Big banner at the top, attractive dividers, and giant images all combine for an instant classic.


Text blocks can be mixed and matched with various layouts and image blocks can be added with drag and drop simplicity. It’s easy to see why we think Battleground Avenue is destined to be a star!

Just a bit bigger (and a bit bolder), Walker Avenue really makes a statement. This full screen template really excels with strength and agility.


A large area is devoted to the logo (a transparent PNG works best) and counter balances the ‘hamburger’ menu icon on the right.


A fitness/rec center seems to be a good choice to use gorgeous high resolution images and bright dominate colors. Walker Avenue opens with a full-screen image and an arrow icon you can click to see more.

All of these templates are available and ready to use FREE in your site builder.

Wondering how your site would look with these designs? Here's how to try on and change a template!


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