“I Was Too Busy To Build A Site ... But Zibster Made It Easy!”
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Tuesday, May 02, 2017
By Zibster Blog
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Cheesecakes by Alex

Have you ever been so busy that you couldn’t get anything else done? That’s exactly where Alex Amoroso found himself three months ago.


Cheesecakes by Alex began in 2002 and only expected to be open part-time. But within six months, he was so successful that he quit his job to work at it full time. Now, he has over twenty employees and has expanded his retail sales to the store next door.


Alex knew what his corporate focus should be, that he needed multiple streams of revenue to keep his business growing. Retail and wholesale sales were keeping him and his staff so busy that his website presence was put on the back burner.


His website had not changed in four years, so he hired a freelancer who used Squarespace as the site builder. He worked with them for over a year and was getting nowhere.


Then along came Jeremy Hyler from Zibster. Jeremy had been a big fan for long time but only recently noticed that their products were sold only by phone. Jeremy knew there was a much better option than that and approached Alex with a proposal from Zibster.


Within two days Alex had his website fleshed out, and within two weeks the entire site was done including his online store. “We work in a very fast paced environment,” says Alex “so we need it done fast.”


Within two months online sales has exceeded his most optimistic expectation “We went from nothing to way better,” Alex is pleased to say. “If not for Zibster, we’d still be in the same place as three months ago.”

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