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Monday, January 23, 2017
By Zibster Blog
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Hey guys! Because we love you, here’s a present from our accounts team: starting today, every Zibster member is getting an email boost! 


Now you can send 100 emails each month FOR FREE through your Zibster account. There’s absolutely no charge. It’s all on the house. Every month. So go nuts!

Never sent an email before?  

That’s OK, it’s easy! 


Just head over to the Marketing tab in your control panel and pick a template. You can add images and text, buttons, your logo ... and then send the email to a list of your customers. 

Don’t know what to send? 

Email’s not hard. Here are a few ideas for simple emails you can send this weekend:


  • Do you wish your schedule was a little fuller? Dash off a quick email to remind customers about scheduling their appointments.
  • Did you write an interesting blog recently? Monthly newsletters are great for just keeping in touch.
  • Send a quick thank you to recent customers and ask them to review you online or refer a friend.


It's not hard. Just be yourself! 

Don’t have a list? 

You can upload a CSV file with email addresses to get started. BUT! You might already have a mailing list waiting for you in your website.


Your CONTACT LIST keeps track of everyone who interacts with your website for you. Everyone who sends an email, comments on a blog, buys something, submits a form … all those people are stored in your CONTACTS list automatically. 


Take a peek in there and you’ll probably find a list of customers and leads waiting for you to reach back out. 


Remember you can make multiple lists by adding tags to your Forms. So for example: if customers sign up at a trade show, you can easily follow up by just clicking a button to send to that tagged list. Or you can segment out your different areas of business, sending targeted emails to your #New Customers, #Follow Up, and #Thank You customers in a snap.

And you can, of course, call us anytime to talk about email marketing and what you can do with it. Just ring 844-353-3412 to talk to us 9am-8pm Monday through Friday.


Happy Monday! And good luck growing your business with free email marketing.

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